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An Interview With Experts

If you've spent any time posting content on LinkedIn only to have little to no engagement, you have to listen in on this live interview between
Jon Keel and Ted Prodromou.

Interview With The Experts

Join Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, and Jon Keel, a 40+ year business veteran, as they discuss the challenges of posting content on LinkedIn and how they have overcome them. They are 10Xing their posts using the “Feed Formula”. We’ll cover this in the interview as well.

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What To Expect?

After 10 years of actively using LinkedIn, Jon Keel, Co-Founder of Improved Together, will share his experiences of “Posting With A Plan”. Jon and Ted are in different networking circles but met many years ago through common business goals. Mark Garrett, Jon’s partner will moderate the interview and the two will discuss Ted’s experience using the Feed Formula.

Post Types

Ted and Jon will discuss their experience using the four different post types and how to use them to maximize engagement.

Content Strategy

There’s a strategy to posting content. content and these two industry experts will discuss their different strategies. Jon will also share the 8 Step Plan.

The Feed Formula At Work

You have probably heard of the Google search algorithm, and SEO, and Facebook ad strategies. LinkedIn’s no different. Jon will share the Power of 15 – the heart of the Feed Formula.