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In our 8th monthly program, learn how to increase your LinkedIn post exposure at least 300% to 500%. Plus, how to become the recognized authority in your marketplace, have people reach out to you prequalified to do business with you, and the latest LinkedIn changes. You'll get all you need to stop wasting time and money on LinkedIn.

Masterclass With The Experts

Join Jay, Jon Keel, a 40+ year business veteran, and Mark, a marketing automation expert, as they discuss the challenges of posting content on LinkedIn and how they have overcome them. They are 10Xing their posts and generating inbound leads by leveraging the “Feed Formula”. We’ll cover this and so much more in this 3-Day Masterclass.

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What To Expect?

After 10 years of actively using LinkedIn, Jon Keel, Co-Founder of Improved Together, will share his experiences of “Posting With A Plan”. Jay, a member of Improved Together Global Content Network, and Jon Keel are presenting this workshop along side co-founder Mark, Jon’s partner, who will moderate the master class and the two will discuss using the Feed Formula along with a dozen additional content strategies.

Day 1

  • The LinkedIn “Problem”
  • Post types and their uses
  • LinkedIn Lurkers
  • Secret #1 – The BEEP Method
  • The Customer Avatar
  • Details of the LinkedIn Algorithm
  • Changes Coming To Your Profile
  • Secret #2 – 8 Easy Content 

Day 2

  • A Recipe For Post Success
  • Social Selling – A Paradigm Shift
  • The Biggest Change to LinkedIn
    – Creator Mode
  • Followers – The Power of The Network
  • Current Research and Platform Changes
  • How to Avoid Shadow Bans
  • Secret Strategies For LinkedIn Events

Day 3

  • A 30 Minute Daily Rituals
  • The LinkedIn Feed Formula – Cracking LinkedIn’s Content Promotion Algorithm
  • Manual Engagement Pods and What To Avoid
  • How Dwell Time Impacts Performance
  • The 13 – 52 Content Strategy
  • The Power Of Headlines
  • Utilizing A Powerful Call To Action
  • How To Get Free Advertising On LinkedIn

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