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We've cracked the code and now you can learn how to 10X your post views on LinkedIn!

If you post on LinkedIn and experience dismal results for all your hard work, you're not alone. Watch the video and learn how you can solve this.

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Join over 1,000 people who are following the Feed Formula and maximizing their efforts on LinkedIn and 10X their post engagement. Become a part of our growing family of members and watch your reach explode!

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9 Billion Impressions

The number of post impressions displayed to LinkedIn users every single week.

High Level Readership

45% of content consumers on LinkedIn are C-Level Executives, Founders or Business Owners.

Less Than 1 in 100

Only 3 in every 250 active LinkedIn users are regularly sharing their content.

50% of B2B Web Traffic

More than half of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn.

Frequently asked questions

Improved Together is a comprehensive content engagement network. We make it easy for you to tell your story on LinkedIn so that you can be sure it will be seen by the right people

Jon Keel has invited you to join the Improved Together Launch! Lucky you! The Special Launch price is only $69 / month or, you can sign up for the annual plan and save $138.

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Act now before you lose the Founding Member Promotion pricing. Click on one of the orange Sign Up Now buttons to grab the special pricing. Then, once you’ve signed up, thank Jon for getting you the Launch Pricing!

No, its not for everyone.

Improved Together is a platform designed for people who want to maximize their content exposure on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested on building a following, having your content viewed by 5 to 10 times more people and commit to working with other great post party Improved Together participants, then yes, you should sign up – We’ed love to start engaging with your posts!

We are not hiring at the moment however, if you are interested, we are offering a lucrative affiliate program to our subscribers in good standing. Once you sign up, you’ll receive instructions within the month. We want our affiliates to experience the platform before they begin promoting it.

ImprovedTogether is a comprehensive content sharing platform. 
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