“Before the 5 Day Linkedin Challenge with Improved Together, I was severely struggling in understanding LinkedIn’s engagement portion of the platform (posting, commenting, sharing).

  • I did not understand the concepts, ranking, nor how the LinkedIn value-reward system works
  • I did not understand levels of engagement
  • How Linkedin ranks engagement
  • What to really talk about online


After I completed the 5 Day Challenge, I:

  • Understood how to convert clients/stakeholders into persona types to address common problems
  • Understood how to untangle the concepts & vocabulary approaching engagement with more confidence
  • Understood how to engage, post & comment getting feedback immediately by understanding the variables and much more.”

~ Ramon Silva

How to take LinkedIn to the next level in your business, become the recognized authority in your marketplace, and have people reach out to you prequalified to do business with you.

Live Training Sessions

This challenge is live and Jon and Mark answer your questions live and after each session in the private Facebook Group.


LinkedIn Content Secrets: Leveraging the LinkedIn Feed to Turbocharge your Business! Published August, 2020

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You will learn exactly how LinkedIn is promoting your content and driving engagement to you Avetar.

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Lively discussions and participant sharing. We dive deep into questions and explore participant business use cases.

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The trainers

Jon Keel

Improved Together Co-Founder

Mark Garrett

Improved Together Co-Founder

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”

Albert Einstein

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Day 1 (Dec 14)

  • The LinkedIn Opportunity
  • Understanding your Business
  • Your Avatar
  • Posting Strategy #1
  • Day 1 Actions

Day 2 (Dec 15)

  • Daily Review / Q&A
  • Leveraging The 4 Post Types
  • Introduction of The 8 Content Strategies
  • Posting Strategy #2

Day 3 (Dec 16)

  • Daily Review / Q&A
  • Engagement Pods
  • Followers vs. Contacts
  • A Profile Speaking To Your Avatar
  • Posting Strategy #3

Day 4 (Dec 17)

  • Daily Review / Q&A
  • The LinkedIn Algorithm
  • The Feed Formula
  • Engagement Pod Challenges
  • Posting Strategy #4

Day 5 (Dec 18)

  • Daily Review / Q&A
  • 13-52 Content Strategy
  • Putting It All Together
  • Posting Strategy #5 – 25
  • An Invitation to The Post Party

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